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Insurance Coverage Issues

It can be beyond frustrating to learn that your coverage is denied or that you may have to pay part or all of a claim yourself, especially after paying insurance premiums for years. Disputes between insurance companies and policyholders happen because of disagreements about coverage, claim evaluation, defending or settling claims, and excess liability issues.


Insurance Coverage


Insurance companies and insureds know that there should be no undue delay in handling covered claims. When coverage and claim disputes get in the way of handling covered claims, it defeats the purpose.


Policyholders and insurance companies can disagree about whether a claim is covered.  The process can be time consuming, frustrating, and hold up resources which are urgently needed to fix serious problems. Insurance companies are cautious because of bad experiences – scams or fraudulent or questionable claims.   Policyholders are under stress and forced to deal with unfamiliar policy language and procedures at a difficult time. The complexity of policy language and the variety of legal opinions interpreting policy language can make coverage determinations difficult and slow things down.


If you are facing undue delays or difficulties in dealing with your insurance company, you need an advocate to help you get the coverage you deserve.




Excess Liability


Normally, an insurance company makes appropriate efforts to protect its insured and defend and settle a claim involving third parties. That’s a key purpose of third party insurance and one of the most important benefits you receive as a policyholder.


Sometimes, however, the handling of the claim settlement process or the defense provided does not protect the insured from excess liability exposure. In some cases, litigation tactics include attempts to set up the insurer and defendants for a bad faith claim.


If you have received an “excess letter,” in other words, a warning or notification from your insurer of the potential for an excess judgment, you need independent representation to evaluate your case. If you believe you may have exposure in excess of insurance policy limits, or have been notified of a potential excess exposure by your insurer, you should have an experienced attorney to oversee the process and protect your interests.


Personal Counsel


When you are facing the uncertainty of an excess judgment or denial of coverage, you want resourceful and experienced representation.  Where possible, we work in cooperation with insurers to protect your benefits and to reach the best outcome for you. If there is a dispute about coverage or the potential for an excess judgment, however, we will fight to protect your interests. Depending on the circumstances of your case, the insurer may pay for our representation. Contact us for a free consultation today.


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