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Eminent Domain & Condemnation

It can be a shock to learn that the government can take private property for a public purpose. A taking may not only affect property owners, but can affect related businesses, tenants and lessees, and other interests in the property as well.


However, the Constitution limits the government’s authority to take property to that which is necessary for a public purpose, and the government must pay “full compensation” for the taking.  Any condemning authority is required to pay your attorney’s fees in an eminent domain action – such fees are paid separately from your recovery and do not reduce what you receive for your property.


Representation – Eminent Domain


You are entitled to certain procedural protections when the government seeks to take your property.  If you have been contacted by a government agency concerning a taking of your property in an eminent domain or condemnation action, or if you have a related interest, then you need to contact us to discuss your case.



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