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Construction Litigation

You should not have to waste your time on litigation.  However, things can go wrong on any job site.  Many times, it is best to deal with construction problems without legal action – we recommend that whenever feasible.  But whether a problem is quickly corrected or becomes a disaster can depend on the approach – the right attitude goes a long way.  If everyone cooperates and the problem gets fixed by the responsible party, litigation is not necessary.  We can help you to resolve disputes without litigation - contact us to see whether a pre-litigation resolution is feasible for you.


When litigation is required, we represent clients in construction related matters, including owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, employees, residents, or suppliers.  Whether the issue is a contract dispute, faulty construction, defective materials, onsite accident, mechanic’s liens, or defective design, we can help represent your interests.




Such representation includes cases involving residential, commercial and industrial construction issues, such as:


  • Construction Defects
  • Construction Accidents and Injury Claims
  • Construction Insurance Defense
  • Contract Disputes
  • Contract Reviews
  • Collection Actions


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