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Appellate Law

The appellate process involves representation before a higher court, either in the form of a request for review of a lower court’s decision or the defense of the lower court ruling. Generally, no new evidence or issues are brought to the attention of the appellate court – in other words, facts or issues that did not come up before the trial court will normally not be heard by the higher court.  Appellate Judges make their decisions based on the trial court record, applicable law, the parties’ briefs and oral argument.


You need a skilled attorney to guide your case through the appellate court process. William McKinley has comprehensive experience

in legal research, legal writing, and the appeals process in federal and state court. He has represented clients in pre- and post-judgment appeals to Florida’s appellate courts and in federal appellate courts, including the Eleventh Circuit. If you would like to find out more about how to appeal a lower court ruling, how to defend a lower court ruling in your favor, or to learn more about the appellate process, please contact us. The consultation is free.



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